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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learned from "The Social Network"

Blogging for someone that you hate or even for your enemies that all people in the world watching will see you can get 22,000 people watching and reading it just for 2 hours. That can amaze and inspired me a lot because you can earn money just for blogging a small things that can sat you are truly a genius or a computer genius.

blogging someone or violated some site by using it to do bad you can deserve to have recognition.

even your smart you can earn money using blog, even your an undergraduate person you can use computer as much as you want and earn money just for a blog to share or destroy someone's reputation.

Even Microsoft you can upload it to share or give to a people who want to download. I know, copying Microsoft is legal to the one who create it. Sharing this software is legal but helping other people cannot afford it is a big thanks to the one who upload it.

Creating a web must have a creative work not only your mind doing, but creating must have a creative work to inspire who using it.

FACEBOOK, many people who are using it. Using this site earn a lot of money. TWITTER, there are few people using. it is deferent to a FACEBOOK. for what i think.

In creating a site, they need to have a relationship. that makes interest a person who is using it and give some center of attraction to those people who is using it.

Creating a web is not easily, it need some help that people or friends have that ability.

copying to one's another private property can cause you damage to the one who own it. If the owners have their policy that you violated you and send to jail unless you get some idea and not copying their own work.

having a lot of money cannot by you a lot what you want it can give you the things that you want for your ADL, but it has a limitation for everything in your life.

working  on the company cannot give you what you want. Blogging can give you money a thousand or a million by using your idea in it.

By: cHrIs

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